Start using ChatGPT to save time, communicate with supporters, and raise more money

Tap into the power of ChatGPT for your nonprofit!

  • This Nonprofit Quickstart Bundle is perfect for nonprofit leaders, founders, staff, and board members. It gives you concrete tools, and exact steps to take, to tap actually leverage ChatGPT.

  • Used properly and ethically, tools like ChatGPT can save you money and time –– Get a junior copywriter on your team without hiring someone new! Finish hours of donor research and appeal writing, in minutes.

This training + guide + catalog combo includes detailed and practical steps for using ChatGPT in everything from your fundraising and marketing, to meeting prep and partnerships.

Plus, you get 50+ actual prompts (I will be adding more!) that you can literally cut and paste, and use right away:

  • Spend less time doing boring, repetitive tasks
  • Enjoy more time working in your zone of genius
  • Create powerful donor emails
  • Write social media posts and captions

Use this bundle to start leveraging ChatGPT to start saving time now!